Opposing Magnets 2

One magnet rests in my right hand
The other sits in my left hand.

My hands apart, both seem at peace.
My hands draw near, gripping each piece.

Peace broken, now they fight my pull,
For each one presents the same pole.

Poles send energy in an arc
Seeking their partner for the ark.

Arc and arc collide and refuse
To join, count each other refuse.

Refusing to meet, each one flees,
Springing from my fingers like fleas.

Fleeing magnets hurtle away
Unless one turns to make a way.
Face about one turns, now aweigh.
Faces two:  one away, one toward.

Wards down, springing together, they
Warred before but now they make peace.

Piece grasps piece, two stronger as one
Peace uniting, electrically bound.

Bounds testing, I grasp them to pull
For each presents a different pole.

Pulling against my hands they cleave
Resisting my efforts to cleave.

Cleaving the magnets now I know
Why my heart so often cries, “No!”

Abuse knows my heart, noes my heart.
My heart knows abuse, noes abuse.

Abuse strives for my heart’s arrest.
A’ rest my heart’s longing to be.
Abuse struggles to wrest my rest.
Arrest abuse.  Grant me a rest.

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