Silence is Golden


My momma said silence is golden
And it is
The golden color in volcanos
A burning fire trapped in bones
Growing hotter
Under pressure

My daddy said silence is safety
And it is
Safety bought by a sacrifice
In fear watching the knife descend
While he turns and
Walks away free

My brothers said silence is their joy
And it is
Freedom from the weeping heart’s plague
Joyous laughter erupts to give
Joy for larking
Pain for grieving

My sisters said silence is our gift
And it is
A lump of coal crying out shame
Our world’s appraisal of our worth
Coal to be burned
In flames of silence

My church said silence is woman’s
And it is
Unforgiven Eve ever mute
Hears Adam propound our God’s grace
Freedom from sin
For all but her

My mind said silence is a dam
And it is
A clash between power’s pull
And the need for life unfettered
Power purchased
At others’ cost

My heart said silence is a hook
And it is
A weighty anchor never weighed
Lashed to rocks with storm waves lashing
Binds a soulboat
In a cruel bight


My momma feared the end of silence
End it must
How can the volcano erupt
Without ravaging all nearby
Driving away both
Guilty and Innocent

My daddy fought the end of silence
End it must
How can the safety be broken
Without danger and exposure
Tormenting both
Oppressor and Oppressed

My brothers resisted the end of silence
End it must
How can the party end its noise
Unless cries rise above laughter
Sobs heard by both
Joyful and Grieving

My sisters ignored the end of silence
End it must
How can the present be unwrapped
Except coal’s presence shows our worth
Shamed before both
Honored and Submitted

My church stood against the end of silence
End it must
How can the silence become speech
Without Eve’s shame touching Adam
Together both
Ashamed and Graced

My mind dreaded the end of silence
End it must
How can the dam fail without flood
Speech breaking propriety’s bounds
Truth helming both
“Blessed” and Wounded

My heart quailed from the end of silence
End it must
How can the soul’s anchor be weighed
Can a ravaged boat catch the wind
Weighed down by both
Hope and Despair


Don’t hate me Momma for breaking silence
Give me grace
The liquid gold which burned my bones
Scorched my lips my flesh before yours
Pressure bursting
Rupture burning

Don’t blame me Daddy for breaking silence
Give me grace
The knife’s descent was for your sins
It scored me deep before I fled
Accept justice
Embrace truth’s pain

Don’t fear me Brothers for breaking silence
Give me grace
As grief alone destroys the soul
So joy unshadowed makes us weak
Come weep with me
And then I’ll laugh

Don’t shun me Sisters for breaking silence
Give me grace
A gift in glitter’s unfulfilled
Unwrapping only showed the truth
They devalued
But we have worth

Don’t condemn me Church for breaking silence
Give me grace
Though I have anger so has God
Eve’s shame and grace mirrors Adam’s
Can Adam speak
Then why not Eve

Don’t critique me Mind for breaking silence
Give me grace
I did not choose this dam’s breaking
The walls you built to keep me safe
Delayed my pain
But could not heal

Don’t despise me Heart for breaking silence
Give me grace
I did not cut rent anchor’s chain
We take on water let us bail
Put soul to wind
We’ll try for shore


Don’t silence my daughters Momma dear
Let them speak
Release the pressure let them speak
Don’t build eruptions hear their voice
Speak golden coins
Not molten gold

Don’t silence my daughters Daddy feared
Let them speak
Don’t sacrifice another soul
To hide your sins and feel your knife
Seek truth’s safety
Instead of lie’s

Don’t silence my daughters Brothers mine
Let them speak
Let weeping’s shadow deepen joy
Grieve with them then they’ll laugh with you
There’s time for grief
As well as joy.

Don’t silence my daughters Sisters mute
Let them speak
In woman’s speech our worth’s displayed
Our gift is diamond never coal
Diamond is coal
Pressure proven

Don’t silence my daughters Church I love
Let them speak
Christ has given them commission
Tell my brothers I am risen
We’re clothed like you
Grace adorns shame

Don’t silence my daughters Mind so bright
Let them speak
Their words a river flowing free
Learning the boundaries as they grow
Life abounds in
River’s freedom

Don’t silence my daughters Heart of grace
Let them speak
Don’t rust their anchor near the rocks
Let their soulboats feel wind’s power
Fill their purpose
With Spirit’s life

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